Objavljeno 11. jan. 2021
If you're a Zoomer, these songs will get you TURNT!
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Edited by Jiva Brown


  • This is nostalgic

  • Where's titaannniiiiuumm?

  • Omg I love payphone and any time it comes on I just HAVE to sing it 😂😭😭

  • what you said boom boom pow bad??

  • /Kerli is so underrated

  • 0:30 only the car people we now this song and car

  • Here in the philippines the only music that played over and over again is Who's that girl by Guy sebastian in 2011


  • Macklemore deservs good for both songs..

  • Nobody is gonna talk that He doenst know teriyaki boyz? (and Day N nite)

  • I was personally offended Revenge wasn't on the list. but maybe I play Minecraft way too much

  • When Joel dislikes most of the 2000's club music.

  • I’m a 2007 kid bruh I swear I listen to some old songs and some of these

  • Umbrella and gummy bear is a legend for me Almost all of them are legends ok

  • tokyo drift was my song. also day n nite. by the way i'm writing this while i watch. Walking on air was the best. Baby's on fire is one of my favorite songs to this day. He has pretty good taste though.

  • No pumped up kicks :(

  • Well it seems gen z in spain was so different to the us. I dont know many of the songs

  • It's Britney bitch Joel:bad

  • he’s trying to make enemies of 2000’s kids

  • How can you be a 2000's kid and not know fast & furious

  • How can you be a 2000's kid and not know fast & furious

  • am i the only one sad to not see avril lavine?

  • JOEL!!! Bonkers was a Banger!! Come on!!

  • I tried to remember that this is his opinion and his choice but when scream and shout went on bad...

  • Do you have a problem with Macklemore?

  • You putting ns in paris on meh 😬

  • A lot of these songs I haven't heard at all, especially the bad ones - '04 kid

  • Is it sad that the first time I heard firework was in the third Madagascar movie?

  • Every video atleast once: "Hey - Im gona review some music....Hmmm never heard of this one." :D

  • Woooow, my nostalgies became alive even I'm not American

  • Tokyo drift is bad? Hah. You don't watch fast and furious hah???

  • Needed some Twenty One Piløts and Bruno Mars.

  • Every time that he sings something in Spanish I just lose it is so funny

  • Disappointed at the lack of early 2000s classics :D


  • 17:34 Just a copie and paste of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

  • hur kan du inte gilla on the floor jag är besviken

  • Everyone at 0:32 - "Oh. Ok Tokyo Drift, I like it." Joel - "Oh, I have never heard this song" Everyone - "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT"

  • where are adele songs in the video wth?????????

  • Why would you say that "Live the way you lie" in Meh?! :((

  • So he's gonna shoot out Skyfall and not any of the 5 Roomie and Friends covers, lol okay and now I need a full Iris cover

  • you sir did not have an even decent childhood if you don’t know even the first 2 seconds of tokyo drift

  • I’m a 06 kid and I know all these songs

  • Me and the boys in class during just dance nostalgia 😂

  • sounded like a valley girl that had too many drinks and is yelling at you from across the street -Joel 2021

  • I was 12 when most of these came out

  • Wait bro why did u put fly on meh it’s too good but ur also not from my gen u boomer jk I love keep up the work but why

  • he really put tokyo drift on bad huh

  • Bro I grew up wit boom boom POW how dare u

  • This list is kinda Britney erasure.

  • this list is not only for 2000 kids its also most songs got really famous in europe put this list in the club and most europeans will either dance or vibe. also yes joel all the 2000 kids knows like 99% of this list

  • I'm a 2000s kid and you knew more than I did...

  • Yes

  • Me getting mad cause I kept seeing him put Rihanna on MEH. Have a video of just watching Rihanna's old and new music cause I ain't having it.

  • Why did you only judge 99 songs when you said that you were going to judge 100?

  • i was born in 2008 so yes i have heard mostly all of these song

  • No Lana del Rey mentions? I mean I dig her songs

  • i’ve heard every single song on there

  • I've heard all the songs

  • What about fireflies and ophelia i loved those songs when i was a kid

  • I’m just confused on how many songs he doesn’t know

  • if i counted corect there was 31 i didn't know, i'm a 2003 kid

  • Slates every song for repetitive beats but puts "I don't care" in good......

  • I was born in 2007 and know all of those song

  • The one at 3:36 Why do i feel like horrible histories made a history version of that?

  • So basically you put amazing songs in bad because you personally have never heard them ok.. got ya

  • I promise you roomieofficial when I get more money for my parents I will buy Justin Bieber as much the Norris nuts and yours I promise

  • If he understood Tokyo drift he would’ve put it at good

  • I added like 90% of these to my claaaasics playlist it’s just so nostalgic

  • like t get rid of call me mybe

  • Song named I love it comes on Joel: oh I love this

  • Sky Fall by Adele Feels like from a James Bond Movie

  • I just felt like I'm not a 2000 kid. Because I didn't know a lot of songs here

  • Where was owl city?!

  • When I saw Jack pero’s girlfriend and then the bands name “ die antwoord “ I felt sad for South Africa 😖

  • Fun fact: I used to be incredibly afraid of Thrift Shop when I was 4.

  • that moment when songs you love get put in the ‘meh’ and ‘bad’ category 👁👄👁

  • I'm not a big fan of Pop


  • I feel like when bonkers first came out no one liked it but now 2020 people are listening to this and requesting to be played on the radio a lot. I guess it came out ahead of its time.

  • Daaaang never knew that Kerli would be in this list

  • haiyaa on the floor is a epic music,F**k you

  • Joel: did moment 4 life chart? Me: u call yourself a music SLnumberr and u didn't know that.

  • i have i was born in 1999 though haha still heard them all

  • My favorite roomie video ever

  • Am I that old?

  • I cringe every time I hear him call 11 and 12 year old songs classic

  • Half of my favorite songs were meh and bad why

  • Break rules good

  • Fancy good

  • Roar an royals good and scream and shout and talk dirty good

  • Can't hold us good

  • Thatpower good

  • Where have u been good

  • We found love is good

  • Rain over good

  • J lo goods

  • Hangover meh

  • Give me everything is good

  • Is good